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With five children born in seven years, we were never short on messes in our family.


In my quest for a perfect home (is there such a thing?) I found myself becoming very inventive and finding many situations that called for products that didn’t exist. 


Having retained the popsicle thirst from my first pregnancy, popsicles have always been a staple in our house. However, I found myself constantly wiping up puddles on countertops and throwing away stained summer clothing I’d just spent the weekend sewing. After some crude drawings, a meeting with manufacturers and some tear-filled calls to my in-laws for financing, Price Products was formed and the Dripstik was born.

All of our products have been

invented by parents, for parents.

After a couple years of hard work we were able to begin producing our other products and have been fortunate enough to work with great retailers who support our mission to provide parents with innovative products that serve a practical purpose.


We manufacture our products in the USA
using recyclable plastic and 
eco-friendly packaging.


We strive to make products that you won’t see anywhere else. When you do business with us, we want you to feel like you are calling a real person who will take care of your needs because we really do care.

All of our employees have children of their own, so don’t be surprised to hear little voices in the background when you call.


We strongly promote family unity and encourage our employees to bring their children to work when needed. After all, those children are our inspiration. It’s also nice to have them handy when we are doing children testing or focus groups.

Along with our family feel, we have three United States distribution points, so your order is processed and shipped the day we get it. 


Happy parents raise happy children!

Mecinna Price

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